Planning your first visit? Here is what you can expect as our VIP guest!

  • Need Driving Directions?
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  • VIP Step 1

    We will have a parking place saved for you right at the door, so feel free to park in visitor parking!

  • VIP Step 2

    Stop by the yellow VIP Tent at the door, where a host will greet you and give you a packet of information.

  • VIP Step 3

    If you have children, we will give you a quick tour of our nursery and children’s facilities, and help you get your children checked in safely and securely.  If you have a middle-school or high-school aged student, we will have a leader ready to meet them also!

  • VIP Step 4

    Relax and know that your kids are in the best of care!  After worship, checking them out will be quick and painless!

  • VIP Step5

    Be sure to fill out and return your CONNECT CARD to the VIP Tent for your free t-shirt and other gifts!


No matter where you are in life, we want to partner with you to take your next step with Christ.
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